INSPECTOR TAPEHEAD are Chris Croasdale, Jonnie Common and Roy Mohan Shearer.


Their debut album Duress Code was released to mild acclaim on the Song, by Toad label in 2010 and received radio play from the esteemed likes of Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq, Huw Stevens, Bethan Elfyn and Vic Galloway.


SO SOLAR is released on 5th October 2015 (LP + Digital).

"The So Solar system was born on a kitchen table on Islay in 2012.  We had gathered at Jonnie's temporary home to hang out - see his new lodgings, explore the island, play board games and teach Chris how to ride a bicycle.  It was a grand couple of days.  One evening we listened to some demos that Chris had been recording since they'd finished touring Duress Code the previous year.  None of them had titles or lyrics, they were just parts with some humming on them, but they showed potential.  Jonnie observed that between these demos and the two post-Duress Code tunes that they'd already been playing for a while there was almost enough for an album, and thus occurred the big bang.  All but two of those hummed demos found their way onto So Solar - one of them kicked to the curb immediately because it too closely resembled 'When A Child Is Born', a song which Chris maintains to this day he's never heard.


Over the next two years producing the album was a logistical feat as much as a musical one, as we were no longer dwelling in the same city.  At least a billion e-mails were exchanged.  We managed to meet up a few times a year to work intensively on the new material and then recorded it over two separate sessions with Paul Gallagher at Glenwood Studios.  As the process developed, the album's structure started to take form and tracks were either written or amended to fit the shape the album was taking.  The final track to be written was 'Midday Broadcast' - it already had its place in the album's sequence, but only as a very particular mood and key that was needed to join the opening and middle sections of the LP.  This arc felt important from an early stage.  The decision was also taken to bring Adam Beattie back in his role as the narrator, to continue the story told towards the end of Duress Code.  This made the notion of So Solar as a sequel to our debut rather more explicit, though the slightly darker tone in this part of the story reflects the step we felt we'd taken musically.


We were fortunate to draft in some excellent performers to feature on a few of the tracks.  Panda Su's vocal on Soldier Boy really makes the tune.  Alex South from the Scottish Clarinet Quartet tracked eight (!) clarinet parts on the short instrumental PM Weft and the album is punctuated of moments of lovely brass provided by Richard Merchant, Helen Douthwaite and Robert Churchill.  We also somehow managed to persuade Martin Fell to come to the studio and perform two bars of saxophone.  Having this extra personnel involved gave us all a boost and elevates the recordings, no doubt about it.


Although challenging at times, it was all worth it.  It's an album we're all deeply proud of."

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